Yorkshire & The Humber Course Finder

YH course finder A4 flyer

Following a consultation with Specialist Skills and Post Registration Development (SSPRD) colleagues in the region, Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber (HEYH) have updated the SSPRD website to include clinical skills and simulation (CSS) courses and a link to the eLearning modules. The new domain name www.yhcoursefinder.co.uk and functionality was introduced this morning. Attached is a flyer which you can use to advertise to your colleagues, as appropriate. Visitors to the old domain name will be redirected initially and the new domain will be highlighted so they are aware they have been redirected.

If users access the old website via a hyper link from a third party website there will not be a redirect message. However X-Lab systems who support the website can monitor this activity. They will be contacting the owners of the third party websites to ask them to amend their hyperlinks. The HEYH webpages will be updated by the end of today to reflect the new website.

The Regional Clinical Skills Advisors will be contacting CSS course providers in the region about adding their courses to the website over the coming months. There are a few which have already been added in preparation for today.


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