What’s the desired outcome?

Posted on by Mark

Following its commitment to look at Outcomes rather than targets, the government, via the Department of Health has published the NHS Outcomes Framework 2011-2012.  This lists five domains which will be the key areas for NHS accountability in the future.  These are:

•    Preventing people from dying prematurely
•    Enhacing quality of life for people with long term conditions
•    Helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury
•    Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care
•    Treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm

Within each domains are several “overarching principles”.

What is not clear is what relationship this initiative will have to the GMS Quality and Outcomes Framework.

•    Is an overarching principle the same as an indicator ?
•    Will there be a NOF as well as or instead of a QOF ?
•    Does anyone know ?

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