• Study Type Blended Learning
      Duration Sixteen weeks
      Level Level 4
      Start Date November 2021
      Price From £180

      Asthma & COPD for HCAs

      The module begins with a mandatory one-day workshop followed by 16 weeks of self-managed study. The accredited course can be used as part of our Cert. HE Primary Care qualification.

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    • Study Type Online
      Duration Six months
      Level Level 6
      Start Date You choose your start date
      Price £588 - £1000

      Respiratory Disease Management

      This respiratory disease training course covers both asthma and COPD, and uses our proven and popular combination of self study and tutorials. Six months of self-directed study are facilitated by a distance learning pack, video tutorials and optional tutor-led webinar sessions on Zoom.

      All students use our electronic distance learning pack. Students may print their pack or download it to a Kindle device or app in order to access it offline.

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      Respiratory Disease Management

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    • Study Type Webinar
      Duration One day
      Price £120

      Spirometry Update

      To support further education and training for personnel responsible for interpreting spirometry results or for supervising others conducting the tests we are offering an update on interpreting spirometry results and quality assurance.

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