• Study Type Online
      Duration Six months
      Level Level 5
      Start Date You choose your start date
      Price £588 - £1000

      Cardiovascular Disease Management

      This cardiovascular disease training course uses our proven and popular combination of self study and tutorials. Six months of self-directed study, facilitated by a distance learning pack, video tutorials and optional tutor-led webinar sessions on Zoom.

      All students use our electronic distance learning pack. Students may print their pack or download it to a Kindle device or app in order to access it offline.

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      Cardiovascular Disease Management

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    • Study Type Face to face
      Duration One day
      Price £180

      Diabetes Update

      Aimed at healthcare professionals who have completed the Diabetes Management in Primary Care course or a diabetes course at a similar level, this interactive day will provide an update on recent developments in type 2 diabetes and consider how they impact on both the patient and the healthcare team.

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