The Smoking Gun

A report published recently has highlighted even more facts about that most dangerous of habits, smoking.

Smoking was banned in public places in Scotland in 2006.  Since then the number of premature births has fallen by 10%!  This is in addition to reductions in heart disease and childhood asthma and must demonstrate the harms of passive smoking – one in the face for those who argued against a smoking ban claiming an attack on basic freedom.  Freedom to have a normal baby?

Smoking is extremely dangerous.  In the UK about 1850 people die each year in road traffic accidents.  9,000 die each year from alcohol-related illnesses.  What is the figure for smoking?


That’s nearly 50 times as many as are killed on the roads.

Smoking reduces your life expectancy by 10 years.  Each cigarette reduces your life expectancy by between 10-15 minutes (if you continue to smoke).

But, I hear someone say, “It’s too late for me to give up”.  Not so; the only time when it’s too late to give up is when you are lying in a wooden box in the crematorium.

“Alright doctor, say I give up smoking.  When do I start to reap the benefits?”

Almost immediately – within 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse will have returned to normal and the circulation to your feet will have improved.

8 hours later, your blood oxygen levels are back to normal and already your risks of a heart attack are starting to fall

Tomorrow all the poisonous carbon monoxide has disappeared from your body and your lungs have started to clear all the muck out.

After two days, you will notice your taste and smell improving as nicotine has been totally eliminated from your body.

After only three days, you will find that your breathing is easier and you have more energy.

Over the next three months, your circulation improves making walking easier.

After only nine months your lung function tests will have improved by up to 10%

After five years, your risk of a heart attack has reduced to half that of a smoker.

After ten years, your risk has reduced to that of a life time non-smoker.

Not bad hey?

And you can save a load of money.  Giving up smoking 20 cigarettes a day will save you approximately £2190 a year.  That’s nearly £22,000 in ten years.  You could get a nice car for that.


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