Tell Us News Not History!

Research is a very strange thing.  The topics selected by researchers do not seem to have any direction.  They are selected at the whim of the researcher who decides what question needs to be addressed.  Consequently, it is sometimes difficult to avoid saying things like:
“It didn’t need research to tell me that”
“Tell us news not history”

The piece of research that prompted this thought was some research recently which informed us that the number of people with diabetes is increasing.  As we say in Yorkshire, “Well I’ll go to our ‘ouse!”

Any GP or Practice Nurse will tell you that it doesn’t need research to tell us that.  They only have to count the people coming in through the door to be well aware of the increase in diabetes.

There really ought to be a list of questions to which we want to know the answer.  Here are a couple to get started:

  1. Does improving glycæmic control reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease?
  2. Does converting a patient with Type 2 diabetes onto insulin improve the end point outcomes?

It is quite ludicrous that over 40 years went by before we knew that metformin improved outcomes compared with other anti-diabetic therapy.

One serious point to end this is not to agree with a comment that has been made about screening people for diabetes; that “the last thing we need is more patients with diabetes”.  This might be the case were it not for the fact that everyone with undiagnosed diabetes is increasing their risk of cardiovascular disease without anything being done to prevent it.

The consequence of that is a patient entering a crematorium up to ten years earlier than they should.

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