Sarah’s Lockdown

The Training Centre is operating on a skeleton staff at the moment, and most of our staff are furloughed. What have they been up to whilst unable to come to work?

In this morning’s blog, Sarah has written about her experience of lockdown. Many of you will have met Sarah or chatted to her on the phone. She was the first ever employee of the PCTC, and has worked here for well over 20 years. Here she tells us what it’s like to be at home full time with an energetic child!

Sarah’s Lockdown

Unlike some people I’m afraid I haven’t taken up a new hobby, exercise regime or healthy eating during this time in Lockdown and I feel bad that I haven’t.  Maybe I will when this is all over……😊

At first, I was panicking that I hadn’t been ‘panic buying’ toilet rolls, soap and pasta or stock piling and filling my cupboards and freezer with loads of food.  My waistline will tell you that I haven’t gone without!

I have a 10½ (going on 21) year old daughter, called Harriet, who has kept me busy and sane through this time. Firstly, homeschooling, now there’s a thing! At first she created a timetable of what she would be doing each day, all laid out beautifully and enthusiastically!  I think we managed to stick to it for 3 days.  Luckily, her school (which has been brilliant) have sent lots of work to do.  There’s daily maths and English with a weekly task.  She can also access online games that help with maths, spellings, etc, including BBC Bitesize which has been great!  Now, maths is not my strong point, as anyone if the office will tell you, so homeschooling on this subject was not my forte! So I’m hoping by the end of it I may finally get my head around fractions, improper fractions, percentages and many more – don’t test me on it though!  The worst thing is that the teachers sometimes send the wrong answers to make sure the children are checking their work properly – this always catches me out -but not Harriet.

Another thing to get my head around is English. When I was at school I’m sure we only had nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Now they have to use and identify prepositions, conjunctions, determiners, comparatives, superlatives, subordinating conjunctions and endless other ones I’ve never heard of!  Maybe, I’ve used some of them in this blog? Gold star for me!

School have also set lots of challenges which we can Tweet (again another new experience, I think I now have got into double figures on people following.)  We have built obstacle courses, PE challenges, science experiments as well as holding our own music festival, complete with wrist bands, tickets, bunting, gazebo and amazing acts!  (Not sure my magic tricks were a success though!)

Some days it is a challenge to get her motivated to do any work. Every now and then I do think, should Harriet be doing more schoolwork or is she doing too much? But then I think we need to treasure the time we have with each other, and we sit down and watch a film together (usually one we have watched 100 times already).

Another unsuccessful idea was doing the Joe Wicks work out. Monday morning – all ready to go, very excited. 10 minutes in she’d had enough. Next day she was no-where to be seen!

As we have been so lucky with the weather, I have been out gardening quite a lot and even managed to sit in the sun and read a book (so far halfway through), something I haven’t done for a long time.  I have also repainted a garden table and chairs as well as renovated an old cast iron bench.

Harriet’s bedroom has also been decorated. We had all these lovely ideas about the colour scheme, but when it came to ordering the paint we had limited choice, so it’s not the colour she exactly wanted, Parma Violet, with silver accessories, but she seems happy with it – a bit more grown up!

We have been on walks, (although not daily, walks are not her favourite choice of pastime, lots of encouragement needed for that one!), set our own scavenger hunts, nature trails, looking for painted rocks and plenty of baking.  A few bike and scooter rides thrown in too!  Also our street held a fantastic street party for VE Day with social distancing line dancing, conga line and plenty of fizz!

It’s back to homeschooling this week, so far so good!

Hope everyone is well. Stay safe! 😊  Sarah -x-


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