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Course Delivery & Duration

One day workshop.

Suitable For

GP, Health Care Assistant, Nurse, Registered Healthcare Practitioners, Paramedic

Outline Content

The stroke training course is suitable for any primary care professional, GP nurse HCA, paramedic, volunteer who will be dealing with CVD risk assessment, hypertension, long-term management of stroke, TIA and CVD for those patients who can walk through into a General Practice reception, or any professional who wishes to gain insight into the role that primary care provides regarding the long term management and prevention of stroke.

The day does not cover detail on rehabilitation, swallowing assessment, psychological or social impact of stroke.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the causes of stroke and the prevalence of stroke
  • Knowledge about the current national approach to acute stroke & TIA management
  • The understanding of how to assess person who has a had a TIA or is having a stroke
  • Understanding the vital role that primary care plays in the prevention of stroke – particularly regarding Atrial fibrillation

Section Headings

  • Stroke prevalence
  • Causes of stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)
  • Pathophysiology of Stroke & TIA
  • Diagnosis of stoke & TIA
  • Treatment of stroke & TIA
  • Assessment of TIA
  • Prevention of stroke & TIA
  • Focus on the diagnosis and management of Atrial Fibrillation in respect of stroke risk
  • Anticoagulation and platelet inhibition are explained
  • CVD risk assessment and Hypertension are highlighted for prevention but a whole day on the management of these is provided at the training centre