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Course Outline

Study day at venue
CPD hours6

This introduction is designed to be delivered as a full-day workshop. Although ‘introductory’ events invariably entail a degree of information giving, the approach will wherever possible be interactive, making use of the participant’s own experiences. It will be supported with copies of the presentation and other learning materials for each participant.

The session is designed as a practical introduction to the key concepts of brilliant project management. It aims to demystify the subject and identify the factors which are key to a project’s success.

The course consists of an interactive workshop day with learning materials.

Please note that we do not run this course at Crow Trees. It is only available as a satellite course.

Suitable For

This course is suitable for anyone who might have to lead or contribute to a small scale local service improvement project, and who has little experience of the subject. The course is of particular benefit to Practice Managers who lead change within a practice setting. Although the principles consider will help participants make sense of larger projects, it cannot provide the detail required by those in large cross health community initiatives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the definition of a project
  • Appreciate different approaches to selecting which projects to pursue in situations where they may be several options
  • Demonstrate awareness of the key success factors in brilliant project management
  • Identify and explain the phases in a project
  • Appreciate the importance of objective setting and the SMART approach, project planning and communication