Mental Health Awareness in Primary Care – HCAs

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Course Delivery & Duration

This module uses blended learning and begins with a mandatory one-day workshop (six hours) followed by 16 weeks of self-directed study.  A variety of teaching methods are used in the workshop, including experiential learning, lecture and group work.  A paper workbook of activities directs and informs the self-managed learning and summative assessment which is submitted in Week 16.

This course is also available as a single interactive study day without accreditation.

Suitable For

This informal study day is designed for Health Care Assistants and reception staff


Teesside University Certificate of Credit: Mental Health Awareness in Primary Care 20 Credits Level 4

Outline Content

Mental health is a component of 33% of presentations to GP’s and the most prominent cited reason for ‘fit notes’. In addition, people with long-term conditions are two to three times more likely to experience mental health problems than the general population. It is therefore crucial that all front line staff have a basic understanding of mental health, its impact and how to best support people with mental health difficulties.

Section Headings

  • Introduction - What is mental health and mental illness? Mental health and stigma
  • How do people with mental health difficulties present
  • Different diagnoses (anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, psychosis)
  • What can you do as a front line practitioner to help?
  • Summary and evaluation



This is submission of a 3,000 word-portfolio in Week 16, comprising of four x 750-word essays that will focus on the Health Care Assistant's role in the recognition and support of mental health within the primary care setting.

The workbook is not submitted for summative assessment. However, the activities within it will provide guidance for the student to support their learning and the essays for summative assessment.

This will be assessed according to the student’s ability to:

  • Identify and discuss four mental health diagnoses (four x 750-word essays).
  • Describe the diagnostic criteria for the conditions identified.
  • Explain the link between chronic mental health problems and primary physical health difficulties (such as obesity, low physical activity, long-term conditions).
  • Discuss the role of the Health Care Assistant in caring for the physical and mental health care of this group of patients.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the key services (including voluntary services) responsible for supporting the mental health of your practice population
  • Adhere to the School of Health & Social Care policy for confidentiality and consent
  • Adhere to the School of Health & Social Care guidelines for presentation and referencing

There is no assessment on the non-accredited study day.