Insulin Conversion in People with Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Care

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Course Delivery & Duration

Attendance at an initial one-day workshop is followed by sixteen weeks of self-directed study utilising an Activity Pack.

Notional Study Time 100 hours (accredited) or 75 hours (CPD)
Duration Four months

Suitable For

GP, Nurse, Registered Healthcare Practitioners


Teesside University UCCE Insulin Conversion in People with Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Care 10 Credits Level 5

Certified by the CPD Certification Service

Outline Content

More people with Type 2 Diabetes are now requiring insulin therapy. This conversion is increasingly being made in Primary Care. This sixteen week module aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of the health care practitioner to initiate insulin therapy in such individuals. The module examines the need for insulin therapy, explores regimens and patient educational issues. This course is suitable for registered healthcare professionals, already managing people with Type 2 diabetes and working in primary care.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of different insulin types and regimens.
  • Critically review the bio-psychosocial effects that insulin therapy has upon the patient and family.
  • Analyse, apply and interpret evidence from a range of sources to underpin the management of insulin conversion.
  • Critically review patient's knowledge and competence in the self management of insulin therapy.
  • Critically analyse the effects of insulin therapy and monitoring of diabetes in the delivery of care to meet the individual needs of the client.
  • Apply, evaluate and modify care delivery in response to the changing needs of the patient within agreed protocols.
  • Demonstrate writing skills appropriate to the academic level (accredited students only)

Section Headings

  • Who should start
  • Conversion onto insulin
  • Insulin therapy management
  • Lifestyle advice


The module is assessed through a written 2,000 reflective case study which evaluates the care of a patient converting to insulin (accredited students only)

I feel I gained valuable information regarding regimens, differing types of insulin and use alongside oral therapies.