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Dementia is common, as there are currently 750,000 people with confirmed dementia and probably as many not yet diagnosed. It will become even more common as numbers are set to double in the next thirty years. Dementia is also now one of the top ten causes of death in the UK.

Apart from the devastating human cost, dementia costs the UK economy an estimated £23 billion a year There is a currently a lack of awareness and skills needed to support people with dementia and their carers. In 2012 the government issued a ‘challenge on dementia’ to deliver the National Dementia strategy. Primary Care will have a key role in meeting this challenge.

Over the years dementia has never received the attention that other “sexier” topics such as diabetes or asthma have received. This day is designed to deliver the information required to have a good appreciation of dementia and raise awareness regarding the signs and symptoms, the processes involved for diagnosis and the implications of this diagnosis. The types of dementia are clarified and the management process explained.

Communication with the individual with dementia is important. Delegates are taught in an informal manner how the brain works and then what happens in dementia. This facilitates an insight into the approaches such as reminiscence therapy and communication
strategies and how they work.

Suitable For

All members of the primary care team

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of dementia, the disease processes and its causes
  • Gain an appreciation of the impact of dementia on the individual, their family and society
  • Have an appreciation of the process involved in the diagnosis and management of dementia
  • Gain an insight into the changes in behaviours which are common in dementia and why
  • Learn about some practical ideas around facilitating more effective communication for people with dementia

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