PCTC gains Quality Assurance

The quality assurance of clinical skills and simulation training is a strategic approach to the quality management of providers of  training. This innovative approach is unique nationally and the Yorkshire and Humber region are leading the way in this respect. We currently have 49 training providers profiled on the web-based system and of these 45 have been audited by the LETB funded Strategic Clinical Skills Advisors and ratified by the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Skills Executive Committee. The Primary Care Training Centre has been successful in providing evidence as required by the audit process and is the first independent training provider  to adhere to these standards, in the Y&H region.

As part of the quality assurance process the training providers must demonstrate adherence to, and provide evidence for, specific core and educational standards, these standards are all mapped against key Government drivers such as the Francis Report and CQC. The quality management system has been developed in conjunction with key stakeholders from across the region including clinical skills and simulation trainers from medical and non-medical disciplines.

Funded places are still available on all of our courses if you work in the Yorkshire & Humber region. Visit our website for more details.



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