Is your pack out of date?

If you have previously studied with the PCTC on one of our distance learning courses, new developments may mean that your pack is now out of date. Our new electronic packs mean that this need no longer be the case.

As a past student we would like to offer you access to our electronic pack for a small subscription fee of £30 per year. With the online pack, you will receive emails every time the pack is updated or when new announcements are posted, and of course you will always be able to review the very latest version of our learning materials. You can also download the electronic pack to your Kindle device or to a Kindle app of your choosing on your phone, tablet or computer, or even simply print it out.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please just email us with the details of the course you attended, and we will send you instructions on how to set up a direct debit for the annual subscription.

Have you studied more than one course with us? Contact us and ask for access to our online packs for all the distance learning courses you have completed. Discounts apply for multiple subscriptions!

Please note that this service is only available to existing and past students.


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