You can now buy a book at Crow Trees! You’ll find the bookcase in our lounge. The suggested donation is 50p per book, and all proceeds this year will go to Diabetes UK. Why not bring any books you’ve finished … Continue reading

One of our friends is in the terminal phase of cancer. He was suffering quite a lot of pain so he was seen by one of the truly wonderful MacMillan Nurses. The nurse decided to give the pain killer in … Continue reading

Diabetes and Well-Being by Dr Jen Nash Publisher Wiley-Blackwell There must be hundreds of books published every year about diabetes but among the many, this one is unique. If you want to learn about: •    How to diagnose diabetes •   … Continue reading

“An MP’s Committee has warned that drugs companies routinely withhold results of clinical trials from doctors, leaving them poorly informed about how to treat patients” This report from the Public Accounts Committee arose as a result of the Department of … Continue reading

The quality assurance of clinical skills and simulation training is a strategic approach to the quality management of providers of  training. This innovative approach is unique nationally and the Yorkshire and Humber region are leading the way in this respect. … Continue reading

The NHS Health Check was introduced in 2009 but has only gradually impinged on the consciousness of everybody.  It was originally basically a cardiovascular risk check and some people still refer to it as such but there is now much … Continue reading

If ever there was a “wonder drug”, then a statin would have a good chance of being called by such a name.  New guidance from America suggests that even more people would benefit from taking a statin than ever before. … Continue reading

Doctors have known for years that soluble (effervescent) preparations of drugs such as paracetamol contain quite high levels of salt.  They assumed, wrongly as it turns out, that patients did not take enough of the drugs to cause a problem. … Continue reading

Some words buried in the depths of the diabetes section of nGMS QOF have been exercising the minds of many of our former students recently.  The words in question form what is now DM013 and read: The percentage of patients … Continue reading

As well as reorganisation, there’s a new fashion in the NHS at the moment.   It’s called name changing.   Rather than discussing what they should be discussing, many NHS departments seem more interested in a new name. Without a doubt, the … Continue reading

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