More from America!

Yesterday was a long and full-on day with lectures starting at 8am and the final seminar finishing at 8pm, although I must admit to a bit of retail therapy over lunch! I’m finding some of the stuff a bit hair raising – but it is the Scientific Event after all and I may have to stand back and reflect how things can be interpreted for use in primary care at a later date.

So what were my main points from yesterday?

There were obvious ones like how high a risk smoking is in the development of atherosclerotic conditions such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular disease, but also the fact that over 50% of patients with PVD will be asymptomatic and not report symptoms. It shows the importance of regular foot assessments to pick up vascular disease, although I think we will have to pass over suggestions of angiography as a screening tool in the UK!!

Barbara Corkey delivered a great lecture on hyperinsulinaemia. She started off by saying that her goal was to cure diabetes! Again much of it went over my head but her thoughts on hyperinsulinaemia coming before insulin resistance and how the processed food we eat affects basal insulin level were thought-provoking. She showed how emulsifiers and preservatives, artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, and the mineral content of fruit and vegetables have an impact on increasing basal insulin, leading to a state of hyperglycaemia. Some of this reflects work done by Roy Taylor in the UK and is something I will look into when I get home.

In the afternoon there was a scientific seminar on use of Hba1c in diagnosis – still not sure on whether this is predicting correctly. Finally, I attended a session on new insulin developments which is certainly going to be one to watch out for.

Going to try and enjoy some of San Diego today as well as attend some lectures so until tomorrow when I fly home… bye!


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