Lisa’s Lockdown

In today’s post, one of our newest team members shares her views of lockdown. Lisa has two young children, so it has been quite a challenge!

Lisa’s Lockdown

Our experience of lockdown has proven to be bittersweet. Whilst it will forever be tinged with sadness as we hear about those who have passed away and those who have had their livelihoods stripped away it has also taught our family some valuable lessons.


When lockdown was announced I panicked: how was I going to manage cooped up at home all day with two children and my husband?? I thought that cabin fever would set in quickly as I thought back to snow days and sick days. I am one of those people who hates staying in with nowhere to go……or so I thought. 

We have got into a lovely routine now and we are enjoying the slower and more simple way of living. Hours pass by quickly and are filled with fun, laughter (and, of course, the occasional argument!) whilst homeschooling our two children Isaac, 9 and Poppy, 4. We have spent lots of time crafting, drawing and baking and we are enjoying spending time in each other’s company. We go for a long walk every day come rain or shine and we have discovered just how stunning our local surroundings are. 

We have vowed as a family to continue our daily strolls long after lockdown. We have lived in Idle (just next to the Training Centre) for seven years and have finally just about explored all of the local woods and bridlepaths. We have really noticed the change in seasons this year and staying put in one place and having doorstep adventures has truly allowed us to watch nature unfold. As my Mum said to me at the weekend “Nature has had a lovely Spring” and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s really amazing how beautiful the world can be when things are left untouched and after lockdown I plan to make sure our family look after the Earth and environment as much as we can. 


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