GMS QOFS up new criteria

The changes for nGMS QOF for the years 2012-2013 have just been announced.   As these points mean large prizes for GP’s and, we hope, their staff it is important to see what is new.

So, WAKE UP all you podiatrists and women’s health experts.  It’s your turn now to be in the firing line as the conditions of peripheral vascular disease and osteoporosis have been included for the first time after, one would assume, a great deal of lobbying on behalf of the specialities.

The peripheral vascular disease criteria include, as you would expect, the issues of anti-platelet therapy, blood pressure and aspirin.

The osteoporosis criteria look at the use of bone-sparing agents in the under and over 75’s.

In addition to these criteria, the A & E people have obviously been twisting a few peoples’ arms with 31 extra QOF points to try and stop us filtering off our problems to A & E departments.  Remember the “Please see and treat” days?

A summary of the changes can be found on our website, together with the full listing in our Resources section.

As you would expect, all of our courses conform fully to the latest nGMS QOF criteria.


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