Diabetes resources update

Just in time for Ramadan starting, here’s an excellent guide ‘How to manage diabetes during Ramadan’. You may need to register for access.


Abracadabra Diabetes Nursing Conference 2019: Watch the video highlights

These video updates are a really good way of getting a quick update on some of the most important topics in diabetes management currently. You can hear about the ground-breaking DiRECT Study (v low calorie diet), the cardiovascular impact of type 2 diabetes, whether HbA1c is the gold standard, and how language matters in diabetes consultations.


Diabetes Distilled: ACE inhibitors and ARBs, diabetes, hypertension and COVID-19

Reassurance on concerns about certain types of hypertensive medication increasing the risk of severe complications:

Diabetes & Primary Care 2020, Vol 22, No 1

Abstract: There has been concern in primary care and among people with diabetes and/or hypertension that renin–angiotensin system blockers may increase the risk of severe and fatal complications from COVID-19 infection. More recently, however, there have been a number of position statements from international bodies which highlight the lack of supporting evidence for the harmful effects of these drugs. The societies strongly recommend that we continue treatment with antihypertensive therapy.


There will be more to come so watch this space!

Rebecca Owen


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