Defusing the ticking time bomb – with soft drinks?

Diabetes has been in the headlines again this week, for very contrasting reasons. In this article in the Diabetes Times, Diabetes UK has analysed data from 2016-17 and found that 6,836 children and young adults aged under 25 are being treated for the condition, commonly associated with poor lifestyle. With over one third of primary school leavers being overweight or obese, this problem is only set to worsen.

In headline news in most of today’s newspapers, thousands of people with type 2 diabetes in England are to be prescribed a very low-calorie diet in the hope of reversing their condition under new plans from NHS England, which currently spends ten percent of its annual budget on diabetes.

Contrast this with the recent announcement from the organisation that produced the first of our reports, Diabetes UK, that it has linked with soft drink manufacturer Britvic to help support children with type 1 diabetes – which, of course, is not linked to diet.

We wonder how many soft drinks would make up that 800 calorie diet!


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