Defective contraceptive?

Posted on by Mark

There is some activity on the contraceptive front at the moment.  The insertable progesterone-containing rod, Implanon has been renamed Nexplanon.  There is no difference in the implant itself but the introduction has been changed to make it easier to use, hopefully reducing the number of insertion failures.

There has been some concern about a number of implant failures in the press.  Despite these Implanon is still the most reliable contraceptive currently on the market.

Some of the failures were due to the woman already being pregnant when the implant was inserted while others were in women who were taking other medication which reduced the efficiency of the impant.  Amazingly, some failures were due to the implant not being inserted at all!

So if worried women attend your surgery, providing all the usual precautions have been observed, they can be reassured about the efficiency of Implanon – sorry Nexplanon.

Of course, this change is reflected in our Women’s Health Management course, which has an entire section on contraception. We also have a two-day course on Sexual Health & Contraception.