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Diabetes has been in the headlines again this week, for very contrasting reasons. In this article in the Diabetes Times, Diabetes UK has analysed data from 2016-17 and found that 6,836 children and young adults aged under 25 are being … Continue reading

1 January 2018 – DVLA laws changed for Group 1 (car and motorcycle) drivers who are on medication that carries a hypoglycaemic risk (sulphonylureas, meglitinides, insulin). Previously the law stated that if they had ≥2 episodes of severe hypoglycaemia in … Continue reading

It’s been a week for bad news in Healthcare.  As well as the bad news about asthma mortality, are other items highlighting the increasing ineffectiveness of existing antibiotics and the high rate of hospital admissions for people with diabetes.  The … Continue reading

In the biggest shake-up since the General Medical Services Quality and Outcomes Framework (GMS QOF) was introduced nearly ten years ago, no less than 341 points have been wiped out from the Framework.  This means a drop in income for … Continue reading

One of our friends is in the terminal phase of cancer. He was suffering quite a lot of pain so he was seen by one of the truly wonderful MacMillan Nurses. The nurse decided to give the pain killer in … Continue reading

The NHS Health Check was introduced in 2009 but has only gradually impinged on the consciousness of everybody.  It was originally basically a cardiovascular risk check and some people still refer to it as such but there is now much … Continue reading

Linda Goldie, one of our Clinical Directors, is in Helsinki at the moment. Here’s what she’s up to: “I am here representing the general practice in which I work as a Diabetes Specialist Practice Nurse. This is  an EU research … Continue reading

If everything in medicine were cut and dried, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting a profession. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph highlighted a real dilemma that often faces clinical staff today. We live in an age of “evidence-based … Continue reading

The recent impact of the long trial on the benefits of HRT has again rasied the whole  question of clinical trials. The report: “Schierbeck LL, Rejnmark L, Tofteng CL et al, Effect of hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular events in … Continue reading

Every new development in the NHS generates its new buzz words.  Protocols were followed by guidelines which were followed by targets.  The latest buzzwords are Frameworks and Domains. The first emergence of a Framework was in about 2000 with the … Continue reading

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