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“Researchers in Norfolk are beginning a £2m project to screen 10,000 people who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes. Some people whose blood sugar shows they are at a “pre-diabetes” stage will be assigned mentors – patients who … Continue reading

It was with a sense of slight disbelief that we at the PCTC read this article in the newspapers today. Apparently the words “may cause drowisness” and “avoid alocohol” are too confusing for some modern patients. Experts recommend they be … Continue reading

Yet again, statins have hit the headlines with the usual “Should we? Shouldn’t we?” story.   The crux of the issue is whether statins should be prescribed to people at low risk of heart disease. Let’s start by saying where there … Continue reading

“Breakthrough for blood pressure patients” screamed the headline in the newspapers on 13th January in response to this article in the online edition of The Lancet. But was it? The fuss was about research which showed that the selective renin … Continue reading

It is remarkable that the biggest controversy in medicine at the moment is about the second oldest drug in the British National Formulary (1897): aspirin.  If nothing else, the controversy inspired me to look up the phrase “horns of a … Continue reading

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