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Treating patients with warfarin has always been a problem.  Even frequent regular INR testing fails to result in the majority of patients having clotting times within the recommended limits all the time. Now, all that could become a thing of … Continue reading

This was the title of a one day conference held to publicise the new anti-diabetic drug, dapagliflozin.  Quite a good title really seeing the novel approach of the drug to inhibit the reabsorption of glucose in the kidney leading to … Continue reading

The long term management of COPD has been affected by the latest “me-too” drug to be announced.  Until now the only long-acting anti-muscarinic drug available was tioptropium. Until now, Boehringer-Ingelheim have had this important field to themselves.  But now, Almirall … Continue reading

People interested in diabetes are always talking about eyes, feet or kidneys. At the present time, the interest is in kidneys. That’s not to say that eyes and feet have taken a back seat. It’s just that a new treatment … Continue reading

If everything in medicine were cut and dried, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting a profession. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph highlighted a real dilemma that often faces clinical staff today. We live in an age of “evidence-based … Continue reading

The recent impact of the long trial on the benefits of HRT has again rasied the whole  question of clinical trials. The report: “Schierbeck LL, Rejnmark L, Tofteng CL et al, Effect of hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular events in … Continue reading

Years ago someone produced a facetious (and fictional) history of a new drug.  It went something like this. 1.    New drug announced (“must try it” say all the whizz GP’s) 2.    Drug cures everything (No 1 best seller) 3.    Case … Continue reading

Oh, is it that time of the year again ?  Yes, it’s Polypill time again. It is nearly a decade since we first started hearing about the polypill as a preventative of cardiovascular disease.  Since then, it’s gone through an … Continue reading

Beavering away at an endless Cardiovascular Clinic on a wet Thursday afternoon we sit listening with half an ear to Mrs Moana complaining that she never eats a thing and can’t understand why she’s put on 4kg of weight and … Continue reading

Once again, the thorny issue of drug licensing has arisen.  The two sides to the question have been drawn up in lines of battle for years. “On your left – Mum denied new cancer cure drug” “On your right – … Continue reading

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