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Asthma Guidelines for 2018 There has been some controversy around the Asthma guidance which NICE published for the first time at the end of November 2017. You can find the new guidance here. One of our tutors Andrew Booth has … Continue reading

        As this recent “fat map” continues to be widely reported in the press, our Clinical Director Linda Goldie has pointed out that more information is needed to draw conclusions. The map shows the rate of prescriptions … Continue reading

While we wait for updated diabetes guidelines, this excellent article by J.P. O’Hare et al considers what is right and wrong with the revised guidelines issued in June this year. Our Clinical Director Linda Goldie considers it a very worthwhile … Continue reading

Santa Claus Santa Claus is plainly at risk of Type 2 Diabetes even if he does not already have it. He is clearly overweight and takes little exercise, riding everywhere on his sleigh (let’s hope that he does not already … Continue reading

It is difficult to remember any time in the past when the British Medical Journal has withdrawn information in any articles it has published and yet this has now happened in the case of two articles on statins.  It turns … Continue reading

What has gone wrong with asthma care? Back in the mid-eighties, the wonderful Greta Barnes started the Asthma Training Centre in Stratford-on-Avon.  It offered courses in Asthma Management to Primary Care Practice Nurses and was an enormous success.  The model … Continue reading

In the biggest shake-up since the General Medical Services Quality and Outcomes Framework (GMS QOF) was introduced nearly ten years ago, no less than 341 points have been wiped out from the Framework.  This means a drop in income for … Continue reading

One of our friends is in the terminal phase of cancer. He was suffering quite a lot of pain so he was seen by one of the truly wonderful MacMillan Nurses. The nurse decided to give the pain killer in … Continue reading

As well as reorganisation, there’s a new fashion in the NHS at the moment.   It’s called name changing.   Rather than discussing what they should be discussing, many NHS departments seem more interested in a new name. Without a doubt, the … Continue reading

If everything in medicine were cut and dried, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting a profession. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph highlighted a real dilemma that often faces clinical staff today. We live in an age of “evidence-based … Continue reading

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