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Today is World Heart Day, and in today’s Daily Telegraph there’s a pull out supplement entitled “Cardiovascular Health”. Produced in conjunction with healthawareness.co.uk, it contains several interesting articles about heart disease, heart failure and related issues.

Today, we enter happily into the secret world (as far as NICE is concerned) of SGLT2 inhibitors. These clever drugs increase glucose excretion by the kidney thereby reducing blood glucose levels. When manufacturers produce new drugs they have to show, … Continue reading

For many years, conditions were treated and doctors did not really know whether they were achieving anything. Doctors tried to achieve good glycaemic control in people with diabetes without really knowing whether anything was being achieved. It was not until … Continue reading

It is difficult to remember any time in the past when the British Medical Journal has withdrawn information in any articles it has published and yet this has now happened in the case of two articles on statins.  It turns … Continue reading

We often seem to end up in Primary Care talking about what are often known as “trade-offs”. That is balancing the beneficial effects of drugs against possible harms due to side-effects. There are even ways of measuring them in the … Continue reading

If ever there was a “wonder drug”, then a statin would have a good chance of being called by such a name.  New guidance from America suggests that even more people would benefit from taking a statin than ever before. … Continue reading

Doctors have known for years that soluble (effervescent) preparations of drugs such as paracetamol contain quite high levels of salt.  They assumed, wrongly as it turns out, that patients did not take enough of the drugs to cause a problem. … Continue reading

Treating patients with warfarin has always been a problem.  Even frequent regular INR testing fails to result in the majority of patients having clotting times within the recommended limits all the time. Now, all that could become a thing of … Continue reading

Years ago someone produced a facetious (and fictional) history of a new drug.  It went something like this. 1.    New drug announced (“must try it” say all the whizz GP’s) 2.    Drug cures everything (No 1 best seller) 3.    Case … Continue reading

Oh, is it that time of the year again ?  Yes, it’s Polypill time again. It is nearly a decade since we first started hearing about the polypill as a preventative of cardiovascular disease.  Since then, it’s gone through an … Continue reading

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