Beginning of the end for QOF?

In the biggest shake-up since the General Medical Services Quality and Outcomes Framework (GMS QOF) was introduced nearly ten years ago, no less than 341 points have been wiped out from the Framework.  This means a drop in income for an average Practice of well over £50,000!

Admittedly, two-thirds of this goes into what is called core GP funding (ie basic pay) but the other one-third has been annexed to pay for the new Emergency Admissions Direct Enhanced Service.  This is a scheme whereby vulnerable patients have a named GP who can be contacted by emergency services to decide where patients should go.

Huge swathes of criteria have disappeared altogether including all the Quality and Productivity Domain.

We have put the new QOF onto this site but we will also leave the 2013-2014 QOF so that you can compare the two. You can find both in our Resources section here, at number 13 and 14.

One wonders if the government is phasing out what was a very costly scheme.


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