“More than 1.3 million diabetes patients not offered vital tests” This was the stark headline on the BBC News yesterday.  It has been claimed by the National Diabetes Audit for England that huge numbers of patients with diabetes are not … Continue reading

After months of often tedious discussion, the use of HbA1C as a diagnostic tool has taken a final step towards universal acceptance with the publishing of the findings of an “expert consensus group” on whether we, in the UK should … Continue reading

A pressure to reduce overall drug costs had to come as part of the government drive to reduce overall spending.  It is hardly surprising that one of the pressures should come in the field of insulin when the annual spend … Continue reading

Beavering away at an endless Cardiovascular Clinic on a wet Thursday afternoon we sit listening with half an ear to Mrs Moana complaining that she never eats a thing and can’t understand why she’s put on 4kg of weight and … Continue reading