Talk of the cost of drugs is another interesting topic.  It is a question which also involves a certain amount of philosophy.  Namely, should a prescriber solely consider clinical issues when selecting a drug or should the cost of preparations … Continue reading

We make no apology for coming back to the subject of evidence again. This is an age of evidence-based medicine. And this makes a lot of sense. There seems little point in doing something unless there is firm evidence that … Continue reading

Some little hearts must have gone pit-a-pat when they read of a large expenditure increase on diabetes in the UK.  When you read the small print, it became clear that the expenditure was on diabetes research, not on diabetes management. … Continue reading

About ten years ago, the medical world was startled when a paper appeared proposing the combining of several medications in a so-called “polypill” to prevent cardiovascular disease.  The medications were aspirin, statin, ACE inhibitor and a diuretic. Initially, some people … Continue reading