You can now find the full listing of nGMS QOF criteria in the resources section of our website. It’s available as a pdf file to download, free!

“Researchers in Norfolk are beginning a £2m project to screen 10,000 people who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes. Some people whose blood sugar shows they are at a “pre-diabetes” stage will be assigned mentors – patients who … Continue reading

Barely a week goes by without another important discovery being made by our scientists.  Most recently, a protein in the liver called LXR (Liver X Receptor) has been investigated.  As well as regulating cholesterol, it has also been found to … Continue reading

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and NHS Diabetes recently published a report aiming to improve the diagnosis, classification and coding of diabetes. Of course, this lead to the usual scare headlines in the press, such as 100,000 ‘received … Continue reading

It was with a sense of slight disbelief that we at the PCTC read this article in the newspapers today. Apparently the words “may cause drowisness” and “avoid alocohol” are too confusing for some modern patients. Experts recommend they be … Continue reading

“Fewer people thought to have high blood pressure than before” “Mid-day nap can reduce your blood pressure” “Don’t believe everything you read about…” “If it’s in the Daily Blurb, it must be right” Yes, it’s blood pressure time again, and … Continue reading

The history of what might be called routine measures in Primary Care over the last 40 years makes interesting reading. Let’s turn the clock back 40 years when Dr Doe and Dr Roe were in practice together.  They were true … Continue reading