2011-2012 General Medical Services (GMS) Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators and guidelines

The 2011-2012 General Medical Services (GMS) Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators and guidelines have been finally published only four months into 2011.

Previously, we have tried to present the document in an easier way for users to follow. These indicators are now overseen by NICE which may account for the rather more user-friendly presentation this year, and this is available on our web-site as a .pdf (acrobat) file.

You may feel like printing this out but, be warned, it is 187 pages long.  You can, when printing out an acrobat file shrink the page size so that you get two pages to a sheet of paper.  The print that is used is so large that this is still readable.

In the guidance section, there are essentially two parts.  Firstly what is called “rationale”.  This basically explains why the indicator is there including references to any relevant sources.  Secondly, there is the way in which practices record the information and how this can be verified.

After several editions, the numbers of the indicators may seem somewhat arbitrary to someone seeing them for the first time.  The reason for this is that, if any indicator is modified, it is given a new name so that previous electronic information is not inadvertently transferred.  Hence, for example, this time CHD 2 has been changed and renumbered CHD 13.

You can find the new document on our website here. All of our courses are updated on a regular basis to reflect the very latest guidance.


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