Following its commitment to look at Outcomes rather than targets, the government, via the Department of Health has published the NHS Outcomes Framework 2011-2012.  This lists five domains which will be the key areas for NHS accountability in the future.  … Continue reading

There has been confusion recently among medical professionals about who should receive the flu vaccination this winter, particularly with regard to pregnant women, who are much more likely to need hospitalisation for flu infections. According to this article in today’s … Continue reading

A recent report compared the costs of newer anti-diabetic medications.  This included glitazones, exenatide and gliptins.  The cheapest of these costs about £400 a year per patient compared with under £10 for a sulphonylurea and under £20 for metformin. The … Continue reading

Although much has been said by the government about the ring-fencing of NHS funding, large efficiency savings will still have to be made.  It is said that these will not affect “front-line” services.  But will they? The savings that have … Continue reading

With the increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes coupled with the ever growing population of people who are classified as being obese, the term “Diabesity” has been coined. This term has now become recognized world wide as these two conditions … Continue reading